Viola Campaniça (Campaniça Guitar)

This is one of the Portuguese regional guitars of the south of Portugal (Alentejo). The body has a very pronounced form of 8 and  it usually has a peculiar mouth (some people consider it represents the sun of Alentejo).

It has a very rich and unusual sounding due to the tuning which is usually used.

In the sixties’, this guitar was reported by Ernesto Veiga de Oliveira as “very rare and on the verge of total extinction”, in the 1st edition of his book “Portuguese Popular Musical Instruments “.
Today, the scenario is different, there are numerous musicians playing this traditional guitar, especially in typical folk singing.

In its different configurations of construction, these are the most popular:

Top: Linden, Spruce

Sidesand back:  Walnut

Neck:  Mahogany

Fretboard: Wenge, Rosewood, Ebony

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