Portuguese Guitar (Coimbra model)

The Portuguese Guitar has two models in wide use in the portuguese music scene. The model from Coimbra can be easily distinguished from the model from Lisbon due to the forms of the body and head.

The harmonic box of the Coimbra model, when viewed from the front, has a “pear” shape and the head usually ends in a “tear”. Compared to the Lisbon model, Coimbra guitar has a length of strings of more than 20mm. Its history and especially its unique sound, made ​​her currently an unquestionable concert instrument enjoyed worldwide.

In its different configurations of construction, these are the most popular:

Top: Linden, Spruce

Sidesand back: walnut, Rosewood

Neck:  Mahogany

Fretboard: Wenge, Rosewood, Ebony

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