The Mandolin is one of the most important popular Portuguese instruments. The tuning is the same as the violin and its family includes the Mandola, the Mandoleta and the Mandoloncelo. There are several variants of mandolins, such as the Napolitan, the Milanese, the Bresciano, the Romano, the Brazilian, the A or F Style (USA) and the Portuguese model.

Great composers like Vivaldi, Beethoven and Prokofiev wrote pieces for this instrument that once filled houses and palaces of the nobility and bourgeoisie.

In its different configurations of construction, these are the most popular:

Top: Linden, Spruce

Sides and back:  Walnut, Maple, Rosewood

Neck:  Mahogany, Cedar

Fretboard: Wenge, Rosewood, Ebony

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