Our Services

Sales of Instruments and Accessories

We sell all kind of traditional Portuguese stringed instruments. Our instruments are optimized with regard to final tuning thus ensuring the best price/playability ratio in any range of instruments. More than a sale, we provide all the necessary advice on the purchase of new instruments or accessories, ensuring that our client stays with the best solution. We believe that there is a right instrument for every player. Shipment  We ship instruments or accessories to any part of the world. If you cannot come to us, we send it to your address.

Customized Instruments

We have the ability to customize instruments, giving a personal touch for every customer. We can do it starting from standard instruments, just changing the aesthetic line, or we can set root throughout the design of the instrument, selecting woods, pieces (hardware), technical details, aesthetics and finishes. Our goal is to give our customers the opportunity to create unique instruments with us.

Repairs and tunings

We do repairs and tuning of instruments with appropriate techniques to maintain the character of the instrument both in terms of sound or historical context.


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