Instruments with stories

We share the feelings of those who say that a musical instrument has something more than the ability to emit sound in the hands of a player. We think that any instrument can even be a faithful partner that vibrates according to the mood of his player, giving him a voice in a way that he could never reach by himself.
In the case of a guitar, this relationship achieves a physical domain. How many of us guitar players, already fell asleep hugging a guitar?

We are used to hear good stories about the instruments that our costumers bring to our shop to repair.  Although it might be interesting, it’s impossible to reproduce such stories because we could never do it with the same intensity with which they were told to us. 

Recently, we’ve received a visit from a special customer who has written one good story in one of his books.
Gonçalo Cadilhe is a travel writer and he brought us a guitar to repair some damages resulting from a great trip that they made together​​. He bought the guitar in Bolivia and it was  his “inseparable pal” during his journey.

Ah! Relax, despite the scars, Gonçalo’s guitar is in excellent physical shape and ready for more journeys.

Gonçalo’s guitar crossing the Pacific Ocean.

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